Back With A Vengeance


Do you remember how cool it was to wear baggy jeans and baggy sports jerseys? Do you remember how uncool those people were a couple years later and it was known as a “thug look”? I do. Why do I remember these trends? Because, I followed them. I remember getting my favorite baggy pair of Levi’s and wearing my old school baggy Allen Iverson jersey. I also remember three trying a pair of skinny jeans three years after that. I noticed how ridiculous they looked on my frame, but I still bought them anyway to keep up with the trends.

Now, after another three years, the oversize trend is back with a vengeance. It is now in all the latest fashion shows and reports. This means, it is only a matter of time before some famous celebrity says skinny jeans were so uncool and that the good ole days of wearing blankets for clothing were much better. Soon everyone will gather all their skinny jeans to throw away into a collective bonfire.

What is the moral of the story? For the average person, it is not good to follow trends. Following trends are expensive and damaging for your wallet. Also, trends are known to be cyclical. What was once popular in the media will become unpopular, and then a few years later it will be “in”. Learn to come up with your own style that you want to present to the world, not one that is popular for the moment.


When will America ever have a fashion trend of wearing clothes that fit?

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