The No BS Guide To New Year’s Resolutions

Every new year it is the same story. We make outlandish promises to ourselves that this year is going to be different. This year will be the year our finances will be in order. This will be the year that all of us will improve our love life. This will be the year when all of us create a more attractive look for ourselves. This will be the year when you reach our fitness goals reached. The gyms are full all throughout January and attendance declines in February. I’m not perfect, but I have felt that I when I made a New Year’s Resolution for myself I kept it for that year. The advice I give here can be used to for style, weight loss, dating, etc.

Step One: What is Your Goal?

This may sound silly but most people really do not know what they want. All of us are super excited about the new year. We read on the internet  that we are more likely to achieve our goal if we write the goal down. The problem with that is, if you do not know what your specific goal is you will not achieve anything. For example, an individual may want to say I want to have better style. So this individual may write this down in their notes.

“I want to dress better this year”


(You said you wanted to change your style up)

Writing goals like these will get you no where. When writing down a goal, really think about what you want. Why do you want to dress better? What style do you truly want? What girls are you attracted to and what type of people do they surround themselves with? Let’s say you decide you want the “hipster artist” look after you done your research. Then a better goal to write would be:

“I want to dress like the artists I see at coffee shops and different concerts. I fit in there.”

This is not vague and is achievable goal for you to reach.

Step Two: Write down how you plan to achieve your goal.

Lets use a different example for this step, weight loss. There is a a clear goal after the research is done. To lose twenty five pounds by the end of the year. This is  an achievable goal. Healthy weight loss is about a pound a week. Instead of just writing a goal and going at it, write down small achievable steps to accomplish your goal. Write down clear and simple steps to achieve the goal, what your willing to give up, and what obstacles you will faces:

-Obstacles: When doing a New Year’s Resolution, I usually write the obstacles first so I can write steps on how to avoid them. For weight loss, obstacles may include: Avoiding junk food, having an addiction to certain sweets and treats, eating with friends and different social events, family eats different food and has no plan on dieting.

-Steps: Write the steps to achieve the goal and how to avoid the obstacles.

-Eat things that are in high protein and have only complex carbs.

-Avoid chips, sweets, candy, cakes, Mcdonalds, Burger King, etc

-Avoid cooking in bad oils and use extra virgin olive oil

-I will accomplish my goals by shopping for specific items that I know will help my weight loss. I will only buy the foods I need. All the junk foods and snacks will be thrown or donated so I will not be tempted to eat them in my home. I will have my meals prepared before work so Mcdonalds and Burger King will not be necessary for breakfast and lunch.

-How to avoid my obstacles: Find alternatives to sweets. I will have stevia and tea instead for example. I will try to convince my Family to have healthier food habits, or I will live by example and hope they notice the improvements I make in my life. I will eat before I meet with friends if they go to social events, or I will suggest a place that I can have healthier foods.

Step Three: Do you really want it?

I hear it all the time. I hear friends, loved ones, and acquaintances say that they can’t complete their goals. Or, they will complain that they have to give up too much. They will ask, “Do I really have to give up treats….do I really have to go out less if I eat junk food with my friend?” The truth is, most times in life, if you want to accomplish a goal your going to have to give something up. This is the hard truth people do not want to hear. Time management, for the most part, is a myth created by the self help industry. There is no way you can fit all your life desires in the time we have on this Earth. The average American watches three hours of tv a day, and still complains that they don’t have enough time to cook a meal. Some free-loving self help hippie would probably say that their time needs to be managed better. The truth is, most American’s value their entertainment more than their health.


(Would your rather spend your time doing this, then hanging out with your loved ones, taking a walk, cooking healthier food?)

      The answer is simple give up an hour of tv and cook your food. That’s it. Now after writing your goals, ask yourself, if you are really willing to give up parts of your life in order to have a new life. It is more honorable, to say “I would rather eat junk food then live a healthier life”. It is better to tell yourself true honesty, then have some lovey dovey answer and blame thyroid problems, genectics, time, etc. With true honesty you can live your life, and in the future you could look back on your life introspectively and decide if your willing to give up parts of your life that you don’t want and give it up  so you can strive for the one you want.

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